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Question and Answer - 2010

What/Who is Dixie Slugs?

Dixie Slugs is a private owned and Federal Licensed Ammo manufacturer.

What is the design concept behind Dixie Slugs?

Really, the answer is quite simple! Our concept is to reintroduce 12 bore loads, using modern components, that proved effective on large and/or dangerous game hunted by the British in Africa and India in their famous Paradox guns! It should be realized that if that concept worked then, it still works now on any game!


Can Dixie Slugs be used in smoothbore barrels?

It would be safe to shoot Terminator in smoothbore barrels that are no tighter than .730" and a Cylinder choke, but accuracy would be poor. We suggest using the Tri-Ball 3" and Tri-Ball 3 1/2" in smoothbore barrels


What is Tri-Ball 3"?

Tri-Ball 3" is a development at Dixie Slugs for 12 ga. 3" Magnum! It has 3-.600" hard alloy cast round balls/buckshot, gives a velocity of 1050+/-'/".  It is classed a buckshot, albeit very large buckshot. The three balls/buckshot will pattern 3 1/2" (center to center) at 25 yards and still be well within the kill zone at 40 yards or beyond, depending on the choke.  There is no load like it anywhere! It is designed for smoothbore barrels with choke diameters from .685"/ .690" (avg. Full Choke) and under, however it will work well in the Trulock .660"/Remington Turkey (.665") choke tubes. It has been reported that a .675"choke seems to be ideal. These choke tubes will produce an average of 6" pattern (or less) with the three balls at 40 yards. It is legal in buckshot only areas.


                                             What is Tri-Ball 3 1/2"?

The Dixie Tri-Ball 3 1/2" is basically the same concept as Dixie Tri-Ball 3", except it is loaded in the 12 g. 3 1/2" Magnum hull and has 100'/" more velocity.


Can the two Tri-Ball loads be used in rifled barrels?

We have found that most rifled barrels pattern the Tri-Ball loads as tight as regular Full choke barrels at a measured forty yards.


What is a hard cast, heat-treated, slug/bullet?

In order to have a slug/bullet that will not break up on large bones, tough tissue, and penetrate deer and in tough game - Dixie Slugs uses an alloy of lead, tin, and antimony. The slug/bullet is then heated for one hour and water quenched. This makes for a very hard slug/bullet without it being brittle.


What are your suggestions on game loads?

On thin skin game, the Terminator 12, Tri-Ball 3", and Tri-Ball 3 1/2" are outstanding! Suggested range for Tri-Ball 3" and Tri-Ball 3 1/2" is up to 50 yards in heavy cover.  Terminator 12 will perform well out to 100 yards and beyond. For potential dangerous game, such as wild hogs, Terminator 12, Tri-Ball 3" and Tri-Ball 3 1/2" are excellent! 


What does Dixie Slugs consider an excellent slug gun?

In a slug gun, we suggest an all around gun would be the Remington 870 Express/Wingmaster with a smoothbore and/or rifled barrel with sights. We also suggest the smoothbore barrel be sent to Mike Orlen to have the barrel threaded for Remington choke tubes. The threaded barrel can then be used with Remington tubes, Trulock Chokes, and Polychoke II. You should consider that when adding a rifled barrel to a shotgun, you the have an Ultra Bore Rifle on a shotgun frame. We use, and recommend, Hastings rifled barrels. We also recommend Tru-Glo sights. The Trulock chokes are excellent also! We also suggest the NEF Tracker and NEF Ultra, both with rifled barrels.


What barrel lengths does Dixie Slugs test velocity?

Unlike many ammo makers that show their product's velocity out of 30" pressure test barrels, Dixie Slugs tests velocity in the 20" barrel lengths that cover most factory slug guns!


How are Dixie Slugs products tested for Pressure/Velocity?

Dixie Slugs is a Federal Licensed Ammunition Manufacturer and all our products are pressure tested by Ballistic Research. We then test for velocity in our standard length barrels.


Are there other tests done on Dixie Slugs?

Yes, we also have stress and penetration testing done at the John Linebaugh Seminars. The purpose of these tests are to be sure our slugs can stand up under the pressure of breaking large bones and tough muscle without fragmenting! This is the single most important factor in dealing with large and/or dangerous game! We publish these tests and invite others to submit their products. The results of these tests can be seen on the forum and in Tech Notes.


What does large Meplat Area mean?

Meplat Area simply means the area of the nose of a hard cast, heat-treated, slug/bullet or the expanded nose of a jacketed bullet. Tissue damage is based on that area. Water, in tissue, can't be compressed, only moved. This rapid movement, under pressure, is what destroys tissue. Besides being very hard, our slug/bullets have a maximum Meplat Area!


What distance does Dixie Slugs suggest their ammo to be sighted in for?

Since this ammo is designed for use in heavy cover, we suggest a sight in distance at 75 yards with rifled barrels, except Tri-Ball loads at 40 yards.


What does Dixie Slugs consider Dangerous Game?

Any game that can do bodily harm to the shooter/hunter! Examples would include wild boar hogs and large bears. For game like these, the hunter/shooter must have a specialized load delivering a heavy hard bullet for a smashing impact within dangerous game distances! These animals must be put down hard and quick! Many times the hunter gets only one shot and it must count!


 What is the Dixie IXL-DGS?

The Dixie IXL-DGS is a 12 gauge 3" load, designed for use against the larger dangerous game at close range. It is a hard cast .730" - 870 gr. bullet at 1200'/". It should be used in rifled barrels and .730" smoothbore cylinder choke barrels.


What is the Dixie Tornado?

The Dixie Tornado is a hard cast bullet designed to be use in plastic sabots for 12 gauge 3" rifled barrels or the plastic sabot for .54 caliber muzzle loading rifles.


Who can buy Dixie Slugs ammo?

It is Dixie Slugs policy to sell direct to the shooter/hunter! This policy gives the customer direct personal service and high quality for their hard earned dollars. It also gives the customer direct access to who is making their ammo! There are no middlemen involved. It must be remembered that Dixie Slugs sells specialized ammo to a select group of customers. No other maker loads our ammo designs.


Can I ask questions about the product line to Dixie Slugs?

Absolutely! Dixie Slugs is ready to answer all questions coming in on our product line and we welcome them! If the same question is asked frequently, we will add it to our Question and Answers.  Questions can also be directed to James C. Gates at jcgates@bellsouth.net