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Effective 3/10/14, the shop will be closed.  All orders currently in house will be completed. Dixie will reopen as soon as possible and will keep everyone posted. 

We have experienced some  serious health issues of late and want to thank everyone for their kind wishes and support.

Our Commitment to Our Valued Customers!
    Dixie Slugs will continue to give personal service to our customer base! We will continue to post honest tests/results about our ammo line and use the highest quality components in our ammo! Our Board of Advisors are spread over our market area and will continue to test our ammo and give constant feedback on trends in their areas! We welcome posts on Dixie's Forum. Rest assured we are watching the market very close! We believe in traditional hunting and cater to the traditional hunter! Our concept is for ammo used for all game, including large and/or dangerous game at reasonable hunting conditions!

Thank you for your continued support and interest.

James C. Gates

Dixie Slugs

Dixie Slugs is a Federal Licensed Ammunition Manufacturer.  We specialize in advanced hard cast, heat treated, solid full bore ammunition for today's modern rifled shotgun barrels.  This ammo is designed to give optimum performance on all game, including large and/or dangerous game!  Dixie's ammo concept is best described as a re-introduction of the famous British loads used in Africa and India in shotgun bore guns, including the famous Paradox guns! 


In addition to our ammo designed for rifled barrels we also have the most advanced buckshot type multi-ball loads for today's smoothbore shotguns.  The Dixie Tri-Ball loads, in 12 gauge 3" and 3 1/2 " magnum, is not matched by anything on the market, as far as buckshot goes.  The loads consist of three .600" hard cast round balls and is Teflon buffered in a heavy duty plastic wad.  Chokes for Dixie Tri-Ball loads can run from the standard Full Choke of .685"/.690", all the way down to .660", depending on the size of pattern the hunter desires.  Tri-Ball is ideal in heavy cover within reasonable buckshot ranges.

Dixie Slugs does not deal in speculation as to performance!  Unlike others, we post actual penetration. etc, tests for our customers to judge performance by!  Also, unlike many ammo makers that publish their velocity out of 30" pressure barrels, Dixie's velocities are published out of the length barrels the hunter uses.  The published velocity of our Original Dixie Terminator is from a 20" Hastings rifled barrel.  Our Tri-Ball's velocity is also from a 20" Remington smoothbore slug barrel.

It Worked Then and Will Work Now!